Position Papers

Written input from the community is welcome in the form of a position paper. To submit a paper, please use the template and related files, following the enclosed instructions.

Note that the material in the Executive Summary, along with figures and/or tables from the main text, is the material most likely to be incorporated in the Town Meeting White Paper. The remaining text should provide background for members of the writing committee and the broader community.

Please submit both the PDF and all source files (ZIP and TAR are acceptable) to Robert Varner "varnerrl@ornl.gov". The subject of the email should say "FSNUTOWN Position Paper from" and the corresponding author's name. Only the PDF will be posted and available for the wider community, while the source files will be available to the writing committee. The collected PDF files will be available from this page.

Please submit your contributions by September 19 for full consideration.

Position papers are welcome after the deadline and will be accessible to the writing committees. However, speakers will not be able to make use of material submitted too close to the meeting time.

Position Papers

Author Title (linked)
Session B: Electric Dipole Moments
Harvey Gould and Charles T. Munger Jr. Electric Dipole Moment Experiments
T. M. Ito, S. M. Clayton, S. Currie, M. Makela, C. L. Morris, R. W. Pattie Jr., J. C. Ramsey, A. Saunders, Z. Tang, F. Trouw, T. Womack, C.-Y. Liu, J. C. Long, W. M. Snow, B. Plaster, S. K. Lamoreaux, and E. I. Sharapov Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment at Los Alamos Ultra Cold Neutron Source
Brad Filippone for the nEDM Collaboration Search for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment at the SNS
Roy J. Holt, Wolfgang Korsch, Zheng-Tian Lu, Peter Mueller, and Jaideep Singh Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of Radium-225
Session C: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
CUORE-IHE Interest Group CUORE-IHE: The Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events - Inverted Hierarchy Explorer
Brian K. Fujikawa and Lindley Winslow KamLAND-Zen: A Multi-Stage Program Searching for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
The nEXO Collaboration nEXO
SNO+ Collaboration The SNO+ Experiment
The NEXT Collaboration The NEXT experiment: status and prospects
The Majorana Collaboration A large-scale search for Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay of Germanium-76
F.T. Avignone III, E.W. Beier, B. Berger, E. Blucher, L. Cardani, C-A. Christofferson, J.A. Detwiler, S.R. Elliot, Yu. Efremenko, B.K. Fujikawa, V.E. Guiseppe, T.D. Gutierrez, K.M. Heeger, R. Henning, H. Huang, H. Karwowski, K.J. Keeter, M.F. Kidd, J.R. Klein, R. Knapik, Yu.G. Kolomensky, R.T. Kouzes, K. Lang, D. Markoff, R.D. Martin, R. Maruyama, E.B. Norman, D. Nygren, G.D. Orebi Gann, A.W.P. Poon, D.C. Radford, N. Scielzo, R. Svoboda, N. Tolich, W. Tornow, J.F. Wilkerson, L. Winslow, and M. Yeh Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Session D-E: Lepton Properties and Interactions
J. Adam, P.S. Barbeau, P. Barton, A. Bolozdynya, B. Cabrera-Palmer, J.I. Collar, R. Cooper, R. Cooper, D. Dean, Y. Efremenko, S. Elliott, N. Fields, M. Foxe, A. Galindo-Uribarri, M. Gerling, M. Green, G. Greene, D. Hornback, T. Hossbach, E.B. Iverson, S. Klein, A. Khromov, A. Kumpan, W. Lu, D. Markoff, P. Mueller, M. McIntyre, J. Newby, J. Orrell, S. Penttila, G. Perumpilly, D. Radford, H. Ray, J. Raybern, D. Reyna, G. Rich, D. Rimal, K. Scholberg, B. Scholz, S. Suchyta, R. Tayloe, K. Vetter, and C.H. Yu COHERENT at the Spallation Neutron Source
The MINERvA and CAPTAIN Collaborations MINERvA and CAPTAIN: Probing the Nucleus with Neutrino Scattering
A. Hime, R. Tayloe, and J. Yoo, for the CENNS collaboration Measuring Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering at an Off-Axis High-Energy Neutrino Beam Target
D.F. Cowen, T. DeYoung, D. Grant, D. A. Dwyer, S. R. Klein, K. B. Luk, and D.R. Williams (for the IceCube/PINGU Collaboration) Measuring the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with Atmospheric Neutrinos
P. A. Souder, J.-P. Chen, T. K. Hemmick, H. Gao, and Z.-E. Meziani Parity Violation in DIS at JLab with SoLID
D. M. Asner, R. F. Bradley, L. de Viveiros, P. J. Doe, S. Doelman, J. L. Fernandes, M. Fertl, E. C. Finn, J. A. Formaggio, D. Furse, A. M. Jones, J. N. Kofron, B. H. LaRoque, M. Leber, E. L. McBride, M. L. Miller, P. Mohanmurthy, B. Monreal, N.S. Oblath, R. Patterson, R.G.H. Robertson, L.J Rosenberg, G. Rybka, P. Slocum, M.G. Sternberg, J.R. Tedeschi, T. Thümmler, and B.A. VanDevender Project 8: Determining neutrino mass from tritium beta decay using a frequency-based method
Gerd J. Kunde - for the NuMECS Collaboration, E. Birnbaum, M.P. Croce, J. Engle, V. Mocko, F.A. Nortier, M. Rabin, A.S. Hoover, W.C. Louis III, D. Bennett, J. A. B. Mates, J. Ullom, L. Vale, K. Irwin, M. Redshaw, B. Sherrill for FRIB, and F. Gatti, A. Nucciotti for the HOLMES Collaboration Towards Measuring the Neutrino Mass via Holmium Electron Capture Spectroscopy
The MOLLER Collaboration The MOLLER Experiment: An Ultra-Precise Measurement of the Weak Mixing Angle using Møller Scattering
J. David Bowman, L. J. Broussard, S. M. Clayton, M. S. Dewey, N. Fomin, K. B. Grammer, G. L. Greene, P. R. Huffman, A. T. Holley, G. L. Jones, C.-Y. Liu, M. Makela, M. P. Mendenhall, C. L. Morris, J. Mulholland, K. M. Nollett, R. W. Pattie, Jr., S. Penttilä, M. Ramsey-Musolf, D. J. Salvat, A. Saunders, S. J. Seestrom, W. M. Snow, A. Steyerl, F. E. Wietfeldt, A. R. Young, and A. T. Yue Determination of the Free Neutron Lifetime
Session F: Astrophysics
Session G: Low Energy Weak Interactions
M.W. Ahmed, J.D. Bowman, C. Crawford, N. Fomin, H. Gao, M.T. Gericke, V. Gudkov, B.R. Holstein, C.R. Howell, P. Huffman, W. van Oers, S. Penttila, M.R. Schindler, W.M. Snow, and Y.K. Wu Hadronic parity violation
W. C. Louis (on behalf of the OscSNS Collaboration) OscSNS: A Definitive Search for Sterile Neutrinos
J. D. Bowman, V. Gudkov, H. M. Shimizu, and W. M. Snow TREX: search for Time Reversal invariance violation in neutron nucleus EXperiment
Luis A. Orozco on behalf of the FrPNC collaboration Weak interaction studies in Fr
Session H: Theory
A. Burrows, J. Carlson, W. Detmold, R. Edwards, R. Furnstahl, F. Karsch, W. Nazarewicz, P. Petreczky, D. Richards, W. Hicks, M.J. Savage Computational Nuclear Physics Meeting
Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Vincenzo Cirigliano, Rajan Gupta, Wick Haxton Taku Izubuchi, Kostas Orginos, and Andre Walker-Loud Fundamental Symmetries, Precision Probes of the Standard Model and Lattice QCD
L. Alvarez-Ruso, K. Mahn, C. Mariani, J. G. Morfín, O. Palamara, and G. Zeller "Nuclear Theory and the U.S. Experimental Neutrino Physics Program"
Session J: Weakly coupled light gauge bosons,
other new phenomena
Session K: New Initiatives,
Community requests
Session M: Capabilities
Gabriel D. Orebi Gann, et al. Advanced Scintillator Detector Concept (ASDC)
Y.D. Chan, K.T. Lesko, E.B. Norman, A.W.P. Poon, K.J. Thomas, and A.R. Smith Berkeley Low Background Facility